Selected Photo-Haiga

The following are selected photo-haiga from With Cherries on Top: 31 Flavors from NaHaiWriMo, with photographs by Michael Dylan Welch.

tide pool

I dip my toes

into forever

Scott Abeles

shiva call—

the steady sweep

of the second hand

Mark E. Brager

horsetail clouds

an old man bends

to his pruning

Belinda Broughton

leaving home

my first taste

of chili peppers

Cara Holman

my kayak

opens and closes

the glassy lake

Carole MacRury

summer river

a swan’s wings spread

in starlight

Linda Papanicolaou

whistling through a blade of grass poems I might write

Stella Pierides


on his chest a spot

shaped like a heart

Jessica Tremblay

snow walk—

the way the moon

follows us home

Michael Dylan Welch

driftwood . . .

neither of us says

a thing

Dick Whyte

childhood home

a trace of a hollow

where the swing was

Sheila Windsor