Daily Prompters

Gratitude to each of the daily NaHaiWriMo prompters in August 2012 for their prompts and their initial selection of poems for With Cherries on Top: 31 Flavors from NaHaiWriMo.

August 1 Kat Creighton heart

August 2 Judith Gorgone full moon

August 3 Vincent Hoarau sand

August 4 John Carley karumi

August 5 Michael Nickels-Wisdom exploration

August 6 Johnny Baranski hope

August 7 Linda Papanicolaou star myths

August 8 Sheila Windsor spider

August 9 Patti Hardin tide pool

August 10 Melissa Allen grass

August 11 Stella Pierides watermelon

August 12 Annie Juhl holiday activities

August 13 Gillena Cox love

August 14 Carlos Colón enlightenment

August 15 Paul David Mena chili pepper

August 16 Christina Nguyen birth

August 17 Alegria Imperial lion

August 18 Alison Williams boats

August 19 Susan Delphine Delaney humidity

August 20 Christine L. Villa surrender

August 21 Kathabela Wilson driftwood

August 22 Alan Summers forgotten things

August 23 Pris Campbell heat

August 24 Susan Murata seam

August 25 Cara Holman childhood in summer

August 26 Jessica Tremblay time

August 27 Johannes S. H. Bjerg Beatles song

August 28 Pamela Cooper wishes or dreams

August 29 Dave Serjeant healthcare

August 30 Terri L. French fence

August 31 Alex Benedict moonviewing