Time for NaHaiWriMo!

Post date: Jan 31, 2021 2:37:20 AM


Haiku Writing Month is just around the corner. This is our eleventh year for NaHaiWriMo! Please join us in pledging to write at least one new haiku for each day of February, our official month—the shortest month of the year for the shortest genre of poetry. Do this on your own or try challenging your friends. Post your daily haiku to your blog or website, or to social media (use the #nahaiwrimo hashtag). If you want inspiration, please consider joining the Facebook page, where you can find daily writing prompts (you can follow the prompts if you want to, but that's optional). See if you can write at least one haiku a day for the entire month of February. Happy haikuing, and thank you for participating!