Register for Worldwide NaHaiWriMo Zoom Readings

Post date: Feb 23, 2021 7:22:9 AM

It’s time for NaHaiWriMo participants to register for our 2021 Zoom readings! We’re pleased to have two worldwide readings so you can share selections of your NaHaiWriMo haiku and senryu this year. Please register for one or both readings. We’ll need your email address so we can send you the Zoom links!

We have TWO reading events, listed as follows for different local times, and you can register for one or both as you wish. We expect each reading to last for about two hours.

Reading 2 (local time listed)

Seattle — 9:00 am February 28 (Sunday)

New York — 12:00 noon February 28 (Sunday)

Auckland — 6:00 am Monday March 1 (Monday)

Perth — 1:00 am March 1 (Monday)

Tokyo — 2:00 am March 1 (Monday)

Melbourne — 4:00 am March 1 (Monday)

India — 10:30 pm March 1 (Monday)

London — 5:00 pm February 28 (Sunday)

If your time zone isn’t listed here, go to Time Zone Converter and add your time zone to figure out when you need to attend. If you have questions, please add them as responses to this message. See you at one or both of these readings. They’re going to be great!

Reading 1 (local time listed)Seattle — 6:00 pm February 27 (Saturday)

New York — 9:00 pm February 27 (Saturday)

Auckland — 3:00 pm February 28 (Sunday)

Perth — 10:00 am February 28 (Sunday)

Tokyo — 11:00 am February 28 (Sunday)

Melbourne — 1:00 pm February 28 (Sunday)

India — 7:30 am February 28 (Sunday)

London — 2:00 am February 28 (Sunday)