NaHaiWriMo Takes a Village

Post date: Feb 14, 2020 6:5:19 PM

On this day of love, Valentine’s Day, I extend my gratitude and love to each of the following prompters for ten years of haiku inspiration. Over its ten-year history, NaHaiWriMo has had 103 different daily writing prompters. This includes people participating in three pass-the-baton months that had a different prompter every day. In addition, many of these volunteers have prompted for multiple months, such as Patty Hardin, who has provided prompts for NaHaiWriMo eight times. NaHaiWriMo would not be the thriving community it is were it not for these daily prompts that keep us inspired all year long—for ten years now.

Some highlights of this time include our progression through the alphabet from January 2014 to February of 2016, where every prompt for each month started with a particular letter of the alphabet (some of those letters made it tough to come up with 28, 30, or 31 prompts!). And we all endured a sad time in January of 2014 when Kat Creighton died halfway through her month of prompting (her last prompt was “apartheid”), and Scott Abeles took over by sharing haiku, tanka, and photo-haiga by Kat to inspire us for the rest of that month. Kat was also the very first person to respond to the “Meet the Prompters” interview questions, posted just a few days before she died, a new feature on the website that started in 2014. Through all our ups and downs, a process that haiku is perfect to embrace, I’m grateful to the worldwide village of haiku poets who help to make NaHaiWriMo a welcoming home for haiku sharing. Please join me in thanking the following NaHaiWriMo daily writing prompters from its first ten years.

Scott Abeles

Tash Adams

Alee Imperial Albano

Melissa Allen

Dawn Apanius

Crooked Arrow

Sanjuktaa Asopa

Johnny Baranski

Marina Bellini

Freddy Ben-Arroyo

Alex Benedict

Peggy Hale Bilbro

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Gary Blankenship

Katrina Lehmann Blount

Brendan Bonsack

Anne Burgevin

Pris Campbell

John Carley

Marion Clarke

Tamara Cobbiani

Carlos Colón

Pamela Cooper

Aubrie Cox

Gillena Cox

Kat Creighton

Karla Decker

Susan Delphine Delaney

Mike Duffy

Andrew O. Dugas

Andew O. Dugas (Haiku Andy)

Kirsten Cliff Elliot

Robert Franson

Terri L. French

Grace Galton

Pat Geyer

Judith Gorgone

Eider Green

Rachel Green

Hazel Hall

Patty Hardin

Devin Harrison

Michele L. Harvey

Tia Haynes

Randall Herman

Vincent Hoarau

Cara Holman

Lynne Jambor

Kim Jeffs

Reka Jellema

John Johnson

Annie Juhl

Arvinder Kaur

Roy Kindelberger

Nicholas Klacsanzky

Deborah P Kolodji

Kris Kondo

Jessica Malone Latham

Michael Henry Lee

Deborah Barbour Lundy

Cindy Lutz

Myron Lysenko

Carole MacRury

An Mayou

Helen McCarthy

Marietta McGregor

Paul David Mena

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

Michael A. Moore

Susan Murata

Shrikaanth K. Murthy

Andrea Piscitelli Narciso

Christina Nguyen

Michael Nickels-Wisdom

Linda Papanicoloau

Stella Pierides

Jade Pisani

Sandi Pray

Ruthanne Price

Vinay Ravindranath

Michael Rehling

Leslie A. Rose

Violette Rose-Jones

Jennifer Savage

Dave Serjeant

Maureen Sexton

Deborah B. Shepherd

Mary Stone

Alan Summers

Jennifer Thompson

Corine Timmer

Saf Toral

Jessica Tremblay

Anitha Varma

Christine L. Villa

Michael Dylan Welch

Angie Werren

Alison Williams

Laura Williams

Margo Williams

Kathabela Wilson

Sheila Windsor

Stuart Zobel