Liking the Likes

Post date: Feb 02, 2018 11:29:31 PM

The number of likes for the NaHaiWriMo page on Facebook, at the end of 1 February 2018, stood at 2,791. This was an increase of 291, or 11.64 percent, from exactly 2,500 likes on 1 February 2017. Below is a rundown of previous statistics (I don’t have a record of milestones before the following). Of course, likes don’t always translate into ongoing participation, but our participation seems to be growing steadily too, and surges every February. More importantly, regardless of growth, NaHaiWriMo is a supportive community for sharing and learning haiku. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that our growth is slightly greater in the last year compared with the previous year, and definitely steady over the last few years. In case you need to know. 1 February 2018 2,791 likes 291 increase 11.64% increase over previous year 1 February 2017 2,500 likes 244 increase 10.82% increase over previous year 1 February 2016 2,256 likes 256 increase 12.8 % increase over previous year 2 February 2015 2,000 likes 340 increase 20.36% increase over previous year

1 February 2014 1,670 likes 170 increase 11.33% increase since previous date

6 November 2013 1,500 likes