Kat Creighton’s January Prompts

Post date: Feb 15, 2014 2:20:57 AM

I try to post all the prompts from the previous month after each month is over. It was particularly hard to do so for our January 2014 prompts. As most participants know, our prompter for January, Kat Creighton, passed away suddenly halfway through the month, to our shock and dismay. After a few days of confusion, Scott Abeles took over for Kat and posted prompts for the remainder of the month, using Kat’s poems and photo-haiga to inspire us. I’ve now posted all of the January prompts, including Kat’s photo-haiga. Please take a look, and pause once again to remember a fine poet whose memory, and poems, so many of us cherish. Rest in peace, Kat Creighton.