In Memory of Kat Creighton (1955–2014)

Post date: Jan 20, 2014 6:43:36 AM

I am saddened to report that Kat Creighton, NaHaiWriMo’s daily writing prompter for the month of January 2014, passed away suddenly on 15 January 2014. On Facebook, you can read tribute poems to Kat on the NaHaiWriMo, Virtual Haiku (members only), and Tanka Poets on Site pages, plus Kat Creighton’s page. You can also visit Kat’s memorial page, which contains an obituary, service details, and additional tributes. Collections of Kat’s poems are available in the Living Haiku Anthology and on her own blog, My Ninth Life, which includes many photographs and photo-haiga featuring her beloved Jersey Shore. You can also read Kat’s Meet the Prompters mini-interview, which I had just received and posted here on the NaHaiWriMo site five days before she died. I particularly appreciate her comment that “the magic of the universe is what keeps me interested in haiku. The way every sunset paints a different picture. The way every friend I’ve made in the haiku community sees the sunset through different eyes. For me sharing is a big part of what haiku is all about.” Here is the last poem Kat shared on her Facebook page, the day before she died:

three-quarter moon—

impossible to distinguish what is

from what isn’t

In honour of Kat, Scott Abeles will post daily writing prompts to the NaHaiWriMo page for the rest of January, continuing Kat’s theme of having each prompt start with the letter A. Scott is also posting poems and photo-haiga by Kat to honour her. We have lost one of our NaHaiWriMo family members this week, even while she was providing the prompts to inspire us all this month. Now she is inspiring us in a different way, as a haiku angel among us. Rest in peace, Kat Creighton, and know that you and your poems are deeply loved.