Gender, Age, and Location Statistics on Facebook

Post date: Sep 22, 2020 5:14:15 AM

Here’s a statistic that may be interesting to some, as of today, 21 September 2020. Since NaHaiWriMo began in February of 2010 (yes, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this year), we’ve had 113 months of individual prompters, and three months of having a different prompter for each day of the month (pass-the-baton months). Not counting the pass-the-baton months, of those 113 other months, just 39 of those months have been prompted by males, or 34.5 percent. Many prompters have done the task more than once, so if we take out those duplications, only 19 of the 69 different individual prompters we’ve had have been male, or 27.5 percent. These percentages fall a little below the demographic statistics I can see for the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page as its administrator, which identifies site visitors as 63 percent female and 35 percent male (the remaining 2 percent being unknown or unspecified). We might wonder why haiku, or NaHaiWriMo, or perhaps the social media technology in this case, attracts nearly twice as many females as males, but I have no explanation for this.

As of today, we have 3,227 likes and 3,195 followers, although of course most people are not active, or at most are active only during our “official” month of February each year. Other Facebook statistics show that the biggest percentages of users are older, with the following specific stats:

Ages 13–17: 0.3 percent

Ages 18–24 2 percent

Ages 25–34 6 percent

Ages 35–44 9 percent

Ages 45–54 15 percent

Ages 55–64 15 percent

Ages 65+ 17 percent

The preceding percentages add up to only 64.3 percent, so the ages of the remaining 35.7 percent must be unknown or unspecified. The top countries, by number of fans on Facebook, are as follows:

United States of America 1,738 likes

Canada 221

United Kingdom 197

India 188

France 109

Australia 106

Bulgaria 44

Philippines 33

Italy 27

Japan 27

Indonesia 21

Bangladesh 21

Romania 21

New Zealand 21

Ireland 20

Malaysia 18

Sweden 17

Israel 16

Brazil 15

Germany 15

Netherlands 14

Pakistan 14

United Arab Emirates 14

Nigeria 14

Poland 13

Belgium 12

Trinidad and Tobago 12

Russia 10

Serbia 10

Saudi Arabia 10

Turkey 9

Argentina 9

Singapore 9

Mexico 8

Spain 8

South Africa 8

Algeria 7

Myanmar 7

Kenya 6

Iran 6

Hungary 6

Croatia 6

Switzerland 6

Iraq 6

Sri Lanka 6

(plus additional countries)

Some surprises for me are Bulgaria, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates. The top ten cities, by number of fans on Facebook, are these:

New York, New York 51 likes

Seattle, Washington 47

Los Angeles, California 33

Toronto, Ontario 30

Vancouver, British Columbia 30

London, United Kingdom 27

Melbourne, Australia 24

Sofia, Bulgaria 24

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 23

Delhi, India 23

For me, a surprise here is Sofia, Bulgaria. One other statistic is that NaHaiWriMo has grown every year since it began, more than ten years ago, but more important than statistics is the fact that the our purpose is to share, enjoy, and celebrate haiku.