Laura Williams

NaHaiWriMo daily writing prompter for March 2014

1. How did you get started with haiku?

In 2012, I found a copy of Cor van den Huevel’s Haiku Anthology and Bruce Ross’s The Haiku Moment at a thrift store. My knowledge of haiku was limited so when I read these books my mind was blown. Where was the 5-7-5? I was intrigued. I wanted to know more so I began researching haiku on the Internet. I bought more books of and about haiku. I learned about the old haiku masters. I found I found NaHaiWriMo. I found Frogpond, Modern Haiku, and many more journals. Soon I began to write again. I revived my mostly dead poetry blog, Look for a Lovely Thing, and gave it a makeover. I started participating in several haiku communities that provided prompts. Soon I was writing every day. My first submission to a publication was rejected. I tried again and had some success. I’ve enjoyed the highs of being accepted and the lows and later indifference and even amusement of being rejected. And so it went and so it goes . . . Now I am focusing haibun.

2. Tell us more about yourself.

I am a Southern California native, wife to Mr. Awesome for 26 blissful years, mother to two wonderful sons ages 23 and 20, soon to be empty-nester, college grad (social science), elementary school instructional aide, poet, dabbler in ink painting, happy house frau, and a Constant Reader.

3. What does NaHaiWriMo mean to you?

This is my second year at NaHaiWriMo. It is my go-to place to learn, share, and to see what other poets are up to. In noncyber life, my friends and family tune out when the subject of “haikus” comes up so it’s nice to know a circle of folks who speak haiku.

4. What one piece of advice would you offer to those who are new to writing haiku?

Writing haiku, above all else, should bring a little joy to your life. The only way you could be doing it wrong is if it no longer brings you pleasure. Write however you like and continue to explore the world of haiku. There’s always something to discover.

5. Please share three of your favorite or best haiku.


          tonight the moon

                  on our six

        single-file dewdrops

watching the morning unfurl

         on the fiddleheads

            roadside cross—

          another gathering

             of teddy bears