June 2011 NaHaiWriMo Writing Prompts


Selected by Paul David Mena, Wayland, Massachusetts



Today is the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season. Write about hurricanes or tropical storms. Optionally, write about anything—but include the word “June.”


Today is Ascension Thursday, as celebrated by many Christian churches. Write about the phenomenon of ascension—whether in a religious or secular sense.


On this day in 1965, astronaut Ed White performed the first American spacewalk. Write about space travel or space in general.


Angelina Jolie was born on this day in 1975. Write about celebrity, paparazzi, or the trappings of fame. By the way, June 4th is also “Hug Your Cat Day.” Don’t have a cat? You can correct this today—the month of June also happens to be “Adopt a Cat Month.”


On this day in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot. Write about violence, political turmoil, or where you were when you heard any particularly shocking news.


Today is Queensland Day, celebrating the founding of the Australian state of Queensland. Write about Australia, its wildlife, or a celebrity from the country.


On this day in 1893, Mahatma Gandhi committed his first act of civil disobedience. Write about Gandhi, peaceful protest, the struggle for civil rights, or prisoners of conscience.


Today is the first day of Shavuot, a Jewish feast originally celebrating the end of the winter grain harvest (which began at Passover), later commemorating the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Write about harvests, or early signs of summer.


June is Gay and Lesbian pride month. Write about sexuality, gender identity, or pride in general.


June is National Accordion Awareness Month. Write about an accordion, street musicians, or folk music.


On this day in 1184 B.C., the Greek army sacked the city of Troy. Write about the Trojan Horse, Greece, or any aspect of Greek mythology.


On this day in 1898, the Philippines declared independence from Spain. Write about Spain, the Philippines, or any type of independence.


On this day in 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark Miranda vs. Arizona decision, ruling that criminal suspects must be informed of their constitutional rights prior to questioning by police. Write about an arrest, a court decision, or anything related to crime or the police.


Today is Flag Day in the United States, commemorating the day the first American flag was approved by the Continental Congress in 1777. Write about flags, whether in a patriotic sense or otherwise.


Tonight the moon will be full. Write about the full moon, or any of its variations.


Today is Bloomsday, commemorating James Joyce’s book Ulysses, whose events all took place on this day in 1904. Write about James Joyce, Dublin, or anything Irish.


On this day in 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City. Write about New York City, the monument itself, or about freedom in general.


Today is National Hollerin’ Contest Day. Write about shouting, loud celebrations, or noise.


Today is Father’s Day. Write about the day, or about the Old Man.


Today is International Surfing Day. Write about surfing, beach culture, or the beach in general.


Summer (or winter, for those in the Southern Hemisphere) begins at 1:16 PM EDT. Write about the solstice, the first day of summer/winter or summer/winter in general. Optionally, write about any other “first.”


Today is Teacher’s Day in El Salvador. Write about a teacher who inspired you, or about school in general.


On this day in 1917, in a game against the Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox pitcher Ernie Shore retires 26 batters in a row after replacing Babe Ruth, who had been ejected for punching the umpire. Write about the Babe, the Red Sox, or anything baseball- or sports-related.


Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Write about dogs, or any other pet.


On this day in 1876, George Custer and his 7th Cavalry were routed by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in the Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana. Write about Custer, “Manifest Destiny,” Native Americans, or any other indigenous culture.


On this day in 1927, the Cyclone roller coaster opened on Coney Island. Write about Brooklyn, amusement parks, or any other summer diversion.


Today is Helen Keller’s birthday. Write about a blind person, blindness, or any disability.


On this day in 1846, the saxophone was patented in France. Write about the saxophone, jazz, or music in general.


On this day in 1956, the United States created the Interstate highway system. Write about a road trip, cars, or travel in general.


Today is the birthday of American Hassidic Jewish Reggae musician Matisyahu. Write about reggae, reggae culture, or any other musical theme.