July 2014 NaHaiWriMo Writing Prompts


Selected by Vinay Ravindranath



Gentle. One of the first haiku I read on Wikipedia when I started attempting the form was Michael Dylan Welch’s meteor shower haiku. As I begin the journey of July here, I’ll take a word from that haiku as a memory of the beginning of my own haiku journey.




Galaxy. Sometimes I go to my terrace, lie down and look at the stars, try to join them and find constellations. Our galaxy is beautiful, isn’t it?


Grand. I take this opportunity to wish every haiku friend in the USA a very happy Independence Day. Here’s hoping your day and year be grand. And your haiku too.


Grow. From the time we’re born, to the time we die, we grow—not only humans, but all forms of life. It is something so tied in to nature and life itself, I feel this word would get the haiku poets here inspired to bring some beautiful haiku.


Ginger and/or garlic. Sundays are when I choose what to do. Go out with friends, or read a book. Eat out, or sleep till noon. It’s all about choices. For Sundays, that’s what I’m giving you. Choices, between two words. Feel free to do on any one, or both. (The choice is yours!) Today’s words are almost meant to be with each other, I feel. So I hope to see you all cook up some wonderful haiku with these ingredients.


Gift. I like gifting books to my friends on their birthdays. Some of them say my greatest gift is my poetry, and I agree with them. And looking at people, there are times I wish some of them were gifted with common sense. Lot of gifts around us. Which do you choose to write on?


Ghost. Let’s not give up the ghost just yet, we have a lot of haiku unread and unwritten. But for a day, let some of those haiku be on this topic.


Green. Green is nature’s color. For the poetry form that is possibly nature’s form, what can be a better prompt than this?


Genie. Let’s have a bit of magic in the month.


Gem. It’s been a treat to read some absolute gems of haiku these ten days. I am a bit behind on reading them. The next prompt is gem. You can use the word or any gemstone name as u please. Have fun!


Guru. Let’s have that Indian flavor that Michael Dylan Welch spoke of at the beginning of the month. The prompt today has its origins in Sanskrit, but is now used even in English as a word.


Game and/or goal. Sunday, and it’s choices again. Some say it’s not the goal of winning that matters, but how you play the game. Quite true, I feel. And with the World Cup drawing to a conclusion today, the prompts seem apt for the day too. Use one or both, as you please.


Guitar. Music is a very important part of my life. Let’s make this month a bit more musical, with one of my favorite instruments to listen to.


Glass. Be it on the bridge of my nose, at a wine-tasting party, or in a story where a young boy sees life through glass of two colors, the word comes up often. What does the word bring first into your mind, and your haiku?


Gust. The weather here is absolutely beautiful. Cloudy skies, a nice constant drizzle and then there’s that sudden gust of wind that just feels so cool and refreshing. It’s a nice time, and today’s prompt, I dedicate to that weather.


Gag. April maybe long gone, but some of the best and worst memories I have are from All Fools Day, with those mischievous gags that my buddies used to play on me. They were funny once the joke settled in of course.


Grain. Grains of rice, of sand in an hourglass or on the screen when the TV is broken . . . there are quite a few grains around us. What comes first into your mind?


Grasshopper. One of my favorite tales from Aesop’s Fables is that of the ant and the grasshopper. I recently found my old copy of the book. And enjoyed reading it once again.


Glee and/or grief. Life, they say, is balanced by tangible dualities. Yin and yang concept. One such duality I find is in emotions. Two words that are opposite to each other, but that are still interdependent in a way. Those two words are what I offer you as prompt for this Sunday. Use either or both, as you wish.


Glide. The monsoon has arrived. Today, I saw my neighbor’s 4 year old send paper boats gliding down the driveway. It got a smile, and it brought back memories. Here’s to many haiku gliding in for this prompt.


Glow. The glow of a firefly, or of the moon, of the sun through wispy clouds, or the comfort of a dim nightlight, I remember some that have given me much inspiration, and calmness.


Glory. A glorious sunrise or sunset is one of Nature’s most beautiful sights. I remember visiting Kanyakumari, the tip of the Indian subcontinent and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Quite a sight it was. The word glory also reminds me of Manchester United, and their song. Quite a few options for you all to use in haiku I feel.


Grey. Grey skies above, grey road below, and my life, grey too. Or is it fifty shades of grey? What does grey mean to you? Let us see today, what shades we find, in grey haiku.


Glance. Almost every morning, I glance at my watch to make sure I’m not running late. I do it so regularly, it’s almost become a habit. There are of course other meanings of the word you can use. Wonder what your haiku shall glance. Have fun!


Gold. There’s a gold rush on at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. But that needn’t be the gold in your haiku. Golden sunsets, or jewelry, you can choose from quite a few options to strike gold with your ku.


Give and/or get. Acts 20:35 in the Bible has a teaching, “It is better to give than to receive.” It is something that has made me think a lot. Today I choose to give you this prompt knowing full well that I shall get some fabulous haiku in return. And even though I shall be receiving your haiku, it’ll be as wonderful a feeling as you have when you are giving it for enjoying in NaHaiWriMo.


Gone. I can’t believe July is almost gone. Just four prompts left. It’ll feel odd on August 1st without coming to this thread to post a prompt comment, I’m sure. This, in dedication to the memories, and the prompts gone by. Not just this month, but for all the prompting on this page that has helped so many attempt this wonderful form.


Giggle. Today morning, my neighbor’s darling two year old was playing just outside my window. She adores me, and when she saw me, she gave a shy smile. I played hide-and-seek with her for a bit, and the smile turned into giggles. Even though I was ill, it made me smile too. She does manage to do that more often than not.


Geese. Can’t end July without a proper kigo word now, can I? No way. Wouldn’t forgive myself. 


Goodbye. So here we are. Last day. Last prompt. I have had fun and enjoyed reading your wonderful haiku. I am grateful for the support. And I hope that I can return one month soon and travel a month of prompts with you again. Till then, I bid adieu.